who are we

Outercircle is a dating network for amazing people and great professionals, founded in 2015 as the first of its kind. Members have distinctive backgrounds, top education, promising careers but without suitable means to meet their matches. Members are part of an exclusive, close list gathering of people that stand out of the crowd.


what makes us diferent

Quality and access

OuterCircle members have superior education and backgrounds, rising careers and share a common place to meet others alike.

Application process

All members go through an admission process. This personal screening allows us to keep the high standards of our network.

Job hunting aproach

This serious, structured process ensures members meet each other holistically and only one at time, guaranteeing a meaningful experience.

Lifetime tool

Members can check if someone they met are part of OuterCircle and if they are single as well, adding a lifetime tool for social interaction.


membership and applications

Diferent paths to join us:

          Membership application:
It is free and easy to apply for OuterCircle. Membership offers the complete experience to belong to a private network. Share a bit of your profile with us and if you are invited to join our community, you will be charged only when you start meeting new, distinguished people.

Subscribing is free and do not require the application process. With it you can have a glimpse of the OuterCircle experience by being selected by our distinctive members and receive our monthly news with exclusive updates on our events.



why we are the way we are

Network’s quality is the our greatest asset – that’s why membership is not open for everyone. Membership requires an application approved by our committee, and once approved, a one Time only membership fee. We keep the community private, tightly-knit, while offering selected benefits.

be part of our exclusive